461 Trafalgar Road, Oakville, Ontario. L6J 3H8    Tel: (905) 317-7600

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about NF

North Film Co. has been steadily growing each year since opening, so it's always interesting to hear about our roots and what has driven us to where we are today. 

NORTH FILM CO. is a Toronto based Canadian video production company with over 17 years of experience in the film industry. Established by the #northfilmcouple Russ De Jong and Cat Hostick in 2001. North Film Co. is now a turn key solution for feature films, commercials, music videos and televisions shows. With over $4M worth in owned equipment North Film Co. is able to bring a vast selection of the best industry leading technology to every production.

With over 9 movies in 2018 alone, North Film Co. is just getting warmed up! With new post production expansions at our Oakville office and with the addition of even more in-house staff and equipment North Film Co. continues to grow every year!

Having our own permanent crew means we operate at a fast and efficient pace on shoot days and are familiar with each other and all of our equipment. This keeps the work day at its most productive. We transport all of this gear in 5 custom designed, fully equipped trucks which deliver a whole new level of efficiency. When hiring NFC you can expect the entire package. This means no renting, pickups, prepping or coordinating because we bring it all. When NFC pulls up you can expect the best.

At the root of North Film Co. is a passion for providing unique and engaging stories along-side exceptional content and quality visuals for every production. From concept development, all the way through to post production and delivery, North Film Co. ensures that nothing falls between the cracks. Since all elements of production are done in-house, NFC can ensure that every project is completed with the highest of standards. 

 With new post production expansions at our Oakville office and with the addition of the new North Film Co. Distribution, NFC is an un-stoppable team ready for your next project!