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Commercial Video Production

North Film Co. Commercial Video Production

High-quality video content for all forms of storytelling is our main focus at North Film Co. As a commercial production company, what sets us apart is our level of efficiency. We own all of our own equipment for commercial video production. Not only that, but we also have a full-time, in-house staff. There's no time wasted searching for the right piece of equipment or professional to do the job.


Our commercial video production company even provides custom-built trucks, tailored for fast load-ins and loading out—because every minute counts in commercial video production. What's more, working with the same crew all-year-round means that you get a team that functions like a well-oiled machine.


Our team has experience shooting all over the world, battling the elements, and delivering quality footage every time. And everyone is well-versed in using our equipment. We understand all aspects of film creation, so we can jump between roles and always have the proper info to help inform our decisions and production process.


We offer production management from writing and concept creation to location scouting, managing permits, and more. Our assistant directors schedule production and manage the teams efficiently. Additionally, we offer specialty moving tools such as the Russian Arm, Steadicam, and a 40 foot Crane equipped with a Jib and track. If you need drone services, we have our own and the certified operator to capture incredible footage, all within regulations. We even have an electronically controlled dolly for smooth shooting.


Our commercial video production company has all the bases covered, with DIT, on-set offloading management, trans-coding, and back up file storage solutions. And our work isn't finished until we complete post-production, including editing, coloring, and post sound design. That's right—we even provide the final mixing complete with foley and audio FX. Of course, commercial video production often requires voice-over recording, as well. We've got you covered.


At North Film Co.— we provide technical support and an in-house camera team, camera equipment rentals, a professional grip, and electric teams. You'll receive a higher level of quality in your company's commercial video production at an efficient price compared to the competition. Our commercial production company offers full production, making North Film Co. your one-stop shop for commercial video production. Even better? We tailor our services to fit your needs. We also have a wide range of accessories to make the production even more efficient. Think, directors chairs, garbage bins, tables and chairs for the actors and crew and also pop up tents and MUA Mirrors.


When it comes to commercial video production, you need a video production company that has options, and that's what we offer at North Film Co. Are you ready to get started? Then get in touch with the team, and let's create something memorable together.

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