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Crane Rental Toronto

Dolly Rental, Package Truck Rental, and Crane Toronto

Are you searching for a dolly rental in Toronto? We're not talking about the kind of dolly people typically use for moving. Instead, we offer package truck rental, crane rental in Toronto, and dolly rental in Toronto as part of our complete package of video production services at North Film Co. Here, you'll find full production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish, we can take care of everything in-house. Alternatively, we can provide individual roles as needed and supply every piece of equipment you need, including but not limited to dolly Rental, package truck rental, and crane rental Toronto.


North Film Co. offers package truck rental in Toronto, to cover everything you need for your next production. We can cover everything from small to large shoots. Whether you're producing a corporate video, social media assets, or a feature film or television series, all of our services are fully customizable and comes with a complement of Grip equipment. You can rent the equipment and DIY your production. Or work with the pros to help achieve the end product.


We also provide crane rental Toronto. That means you can get those incredible wide-angle shots and god shots that take your audience's breath away. Studios and production companies can rent crane equipment and more to cut down on the cost of owning your own equipment. Although we also have drones available, there are still many instances where a traditional crane setup will work best, such as those sweeping shots which can only be obtained by the massive movement of a crane. Awe will always be on-trend.


Whether you're searching for Dolly Rental, Package truck rental, or crane rental, Toronto, North Film Co. has you covered from start to finish. And we have the crew to help as well. Contact us and let's talk about the equipment you need and how we can help you with your next production.

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