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  Red Camera Rental, Toronto

  Red Camera Rental, and a Camera Chase Vehicle, Toronto

Are you searching for a Red camera rental in Toronto? Maybe you need a stabilized remote head rental or a camera chase vehicle in Toronto. We've got all your bases covered at North Film Co. It's all part of our complete package of video production services. Our track record of developing, creating, and working on critically acclaimed projects with award-winning talent speaks for itself.


You'll find Red camera rental, Toronto, as well as stabilized remote head rental and a camera chase vehicle in Toronto. DIY or hire professionals. Our team has amassed experience from shooting all over the world, battling the elements, and delivering quality footage every time. You may want to rent a camera chase vehicle, Toronto, but do you know how to drive it and operate the equipment?


The revolutionary RED camera is a 4K digital cinema camera that uses traditional film lenses and other film hardware, including follow focus systems. Instead of shooting film, as traditional cinematic cameras, it shoots digitally, and at a resolution higher than high definition, making it perfect for theatrical release. It has a larger sensor and more options for film lenses, which give your production a traditional cinematic look that you can't achieve with your DSLR or smartphone.


You can download the footage to a computer via Firewire 800, 400, or even a USB. Keep in mind that there's nothing automatic about the Red, so you need to understand how to use it if you use Red camera rental in Toronto.


Now, the in-house staff at North Film Co. has worked together every day for years. We not only provide stabilized remote head rental, a camera chase vehicle, and Red camera rental in Toronto, but we also have the crew to do the job so you can get the production quality you desire.


What's more—having access to all of the elements of production gives the end product so many advantages. Our staff knows how to operate the equipment and understands the full spectrum of creating a film. What this means for you is that you have a team that can jump between roles when needed, as well as providing the info to help make more in-depth informed decisions.


If you're searching for Red camera rental in Toronto, stabilized remote head rental, or a camera chase vehicle, Toronto, we have it all and then some. Get in touch today and let's create a professional production that will have your audience coming back for more.

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