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somnium (2019)

17 min   |  Genre: Thriller  |  Language: English   |  Producer: North Film Co.  |  Director: Cat Hostick   |  DOP: Russ De Jong


A PTSD-ridden ex-soldier suffering from strong visions discovers that one reoccurring childhood dream could save his family.


Former soldier, Joseph Harper is exiled from his country for a pseudo-heroic deed and is on the run with his sweet pregnant girlfriend; Bronwyn Roth. On foot, they embark in a two month long trek through dangerous terrain in attempt to reach the border to seek asylum from a neighbouring country before they are hunted down by their government.


During their harsh journey through the mountains, struggling for survival, especially for their unborn child, Joseph’s time in the war begins to catch up with him. He starts suffering from traumatic flashbacks.


Alongside his war-ridden flashbacks, Joseph has a gift: a recurring vision from childhood of an unknown woman and two children in a modern home that keep flooding his memory.

His flashbacks of war get him and Bronwyn into trouble, but his strength in his vulnerability, he must use his psychic gift to save their lives. The answer always lies within.

John White

Joseph Harper

Elma Begovic

Bronwyn Roth