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Somnium is another one of North Film Co.'s projects produced entirely in-house! Check out Somnium's outstanding production value below:

Somnium is availble for viewing on Vimeo currently


A former soldier suffering from strong visions discovers that one recurring childhood dream could save
his family. During their harsh journey through the mountains, struggling for survival, especially for their
unborn child, Joseph’s time in the war begins to catch up with him. He starts suffering from traumatic
flashbacks, we don’t know what Joseph will do next or what his motives are.


John White

Elma Begovic
Anthony Stracuzzi


Cat Hostick

Director of Photography:

Russ De Jong


Framegrabs from Somnium:

Somnium was filmed in the mountains of California just outside of Los Angeles. With a small and efficient crew, North Film Co. was still able to capture countless breathtaking images! Here is some behind the scenes pictures from the production:

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