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The Meaning of Life

North Film Co.'s first feature film funded and produced entirely in-house!

The Meaning of Life is availble for viewing on Vimeo currently


A starving musician Finn Faber (Tyler Shaw) gets a temporary job as a therapeutic clown at a hospital entertaining sick kids. He is assigned a 9 year-old leukemia patient: Sophia Hill (Sadie Munroe). Finn soon learns that Sophia coming into his life was no coincidence, but an important lesson he needed to learn before making a big step forward in life.


Tyler Shaw, Sergio Di Zio, Sadie Munroe, Dan Lett, Jean Yoon, Daniel DeSanto, John Boylan, Cara Ricketts, Krista Morin, Jake Raymond, Cat Hostick, Tyler Blake Smith, Tenille Read


Cat Hostick

Director of Photography:

Russ De Jong


Framegrabs from The Meaning of Life:

The Meaning of Life was filmed just seconds from North Film Co.'s office!. With a small and efficient crew, North Film Co. was still able to capture countless breathtaking images! Here is some behind the scenes pictures from the production:

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