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  Video Production 

  North Film Co.—Video Production in Toronto

There are lots of video production companies in Toronto. And no wonder, Canada is one of the most popular places in the world to film everything from a feature film, television shows, to commercials. The thing is that while you can accomplish video production with a smartphone or a DSLR, you won't achieve the same quality as you'll get with professional video production in Toronto. Not only that, but working with a highly skilled team means a more efficient production.


If you're searching for production companies Toronto, then take a look at all North Film Co. has to offer. We've worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and continue to produce quality video day after day. With an inhouse team that works together on all of our productions—and a full line-up of equipment and accessories—our video production in Toronto is a notch above the rest.


We have a long list of recent credits spanning the industry, and we work with clients such as Netflix, McDonald's, Pepsi, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the Discovery Channel, and more. Whether you need a commercial to promote your brand or you're looking to produce a feature film or television series, we've got you covered at North Film Co. Why not work with a team that has honed their craft to efficiency as well as creativity?


Much like Zumba, Freedom Mobile, and Brinks Home Security, you can produce commercial videos that bring your brand closer to your audience. If you're not using video production in Toronto, you're missing out on a golden opportunity to reach your audience where they are, online. And, if you are looking for production companies in Toronto, you've found the pros here at North Film Co. Video production in Toronto covers a lot of ground. From location scouting to accessing the proper permits and having the variety of equipment you need to achieve success, we have it all.


Whether you want a 30-second advertisement or a feature-length film, North Film Co. can provide the equipment, crew, and experience you need to take your project from concept to completion. We even have the things you may not consider, such as foley sound and a complete editing studio.


Don't put your video production in the hands of amateurs when you're searching for video production companies in Toronto. Instead, get in touch with the pros at North Film Co. We have all the equipment and can provide the crew as well. What this means for you is an efficient video production process with stellar results. From concept to delivery North Film Co. offers full production services—tailored to fit all budgets. Get in touch, and let's make something memorable together.

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