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About NFC 

From concept to delivery, North Film Co. offers full production services that can be tailored to fit all budgets and requirements necessary!


North Film Co. was originally founded in 2001 as “Northern Output” by CEO Russ De Jong and steadily started

growing as a one-stop-shop for video productions. In 2015 the name “North Film Co.” was taken on and a strong team

of talented people now make up North Film Co. backed with a wealth of resources second to none in Canada.

North Film Co. helped to forge over 90 feature films & television shows in over 15 countries while

establishing a deep history of success. Our shooting has spanned from the skyscrapers of Toronto to

the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We endured the extreme conditions of Northern Ontario in -40C (-104F)

on a frozen lake to +53C (127.4F) in the sweltering heat of the New Mexico desert.


North Film Co. was created out of my desire to create a fun,

safe and efficient place to make high-quality videos. Using my extensive on-set experience paired with my long history in post production and producing I started to model a business with

an "All in One" approach that would stand out in the market.


From the ground up, North Film Co. breaks the mold of most traditional productions that rely heavily on temporary workers, detached departments and excessive rentals. By owning ALL

of the equipment required for a production, paired with in-house staff, productions become almost instantly more efficient and

fun to execute. The cost savings alone from eliminating the need for co-ordinating rentals, pick up's, prep and return are massive! The results of in-house teams are a strong short-hand with expertise on our equipment as they have unlimited access

and training with our specific setups. 

Having a project lead by someone who thoroughly understands and has worked in ALL aspects of production resolves the issue

of un-informed communication; It also allows for an efficient

and informed crew workflow. At North Film Co. the team is often responsible for roles in pre-production, shooting and post,

which uniquely gives our crew a vast knowledge-base.

I work beside our team start to finish through the full process

and am a big believer in leading from within and by example.

- CEO Russ De Jong

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