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At North Film Co. we offer full production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we can service provide individual roles as needed! 

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Our track record of developing, creating and working on critically acclaimed projects with award-winning talent speaks for itself. Our team has amassed experience from shooting all over the world, battling the elements and delivering quality footage every time. North Film Co.’s leadership from within way of working has allowed for experience from the top down to be directly passed to everyone at all times making for a more efficient production.



The in-house staff is a key component of North Film Co.’s strengths. There is no “First-day slump” on our sets. We have worked together every day for years so our shorthand is strong and communication is on point. Having access to ALL elements of production at any time gives the end product so many advantages. All of our staff is trained on all equipment and the full spectrum of creating a film so we can jump between roles when needed and have the proper info to help make deeper informed decisions.