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At North Film CO. we offer full production services for all kinds of projects . From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we can service provide individual roles as needed! 

Feature Films

North Film Co. has a fantastic track record of creating quality feature films for a wide range of genre’s. NFC has shot well over 20 feature films in the last 3 years with great success. We have had the pleasure of shooting all over the world in the most intense circumstances and still captured consistent quality footage. Our shooting has spanned from the skyscrapers of Toronto, to the cliffs of Moher in Ireland. We have also endured the extreme conditions of northern Ontario in -40°c   weather and the sweltering +53 °c  heat of the New Mexico desert. 

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Similar to our selection of feature films, North Film Co. has completed countless commercials for a variety of products and businesses. North Film Co.’s ability to work efficiently is just as well suited for commercials as it is feature films and other video productions. With access to our exclusive collection of equipment, North Film Co. is able to bring a higher level of gear than some businesses may have the budget or time for, such as our Steadicam, Russian Arm, Drone, Crane and remote head. By having skilled, full-time staff that work together all year and know our gear inside and out, we can guarantee each production moves smoothly, efficiently, and with the highest level of professionalism.


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Music Videos

Music videos are a great representation of where North Film Co.’s efficiency comes in to play. Thanks to North Film Co.’s in-house staff and equipment, there is no need to bother with renting equipment, renting vehicles to pick up gear from rental houses, no need for wasteful jobs or prep. Very often we are able to bring equipment and services to music videos that you traditionally wouldn’t be able to afford on most music video budgets. North Film Co. has a long history in music videos, having been the service provider for well known artists such as Shawn Mendes, Drake, The Weekend, Wale, Jerimiah, Lil John, J Cole, Miguel, Future and many more!


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North Film Co. has proven to be a key service provider for the television industry. With credits on shows such as Umbrella Academy, Heroes Reborn, Shadow Hunters, 12 Monkeys, Star Trek, The Boys, Kill Joys, Alias Grace and The Next Step to name a few. North Film Co. has also been a larger part of various television pilots and have helped build fantastic content over the years.


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