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The Alpha Dolly combines the newest electronics and components; combined with the new hand-control unit which allows the system to match the challenging conditions on the set. 

Dolly Package Details

Included in the package:

  • ARRI Artemis Cine Broadcast 1.8" (Gold Mount)

  • Flex Backmounted Vest by Walter Klassen

  • SmartSystem Arm X1 Professional Stabilization Arm

  • Betz WaveRider Horizon Axis Stabilizer

  • Small HD Cine 7" Monitor

  • Double Riser Combo Stand with 750 Spigot

  • Custom Steadicam Cart

Technical Specifications:

  • Low starting position of the column

  • Turnstile integrated in the base dolly, enables 360° rotations of the column

  • Precise and smooth column movements due to microprocessor control

  • Allows to set low and high movement limit, store up to 30 points and motion control for an accurate reproduction of vertical movements

  • Various speed and ramp settings selectable

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