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Russian Arm

  Find a Russian Arm in Toronto, Canada, at North Film Co.

Have you heard of a Russian arm? Unless you work in the film industry, you might think it's a metaphor for something else entirely. Here's the thing—finding a Russian arm in Canada and even better a Russian arm in Toronto close to home can help your video production in ways you never imagined.


In fact, the Russian Arm is the most flexible camera system on the market today. This high-speed mobile crane mounts on the roof of a camera car or even on boats, trains, and buses. Even better? You can use it to film moving vehicles from a variety of angles. Just think about all the creative possibilities you have using a Russian arm on your film production. You'll be able to manage rugged terrain and urban settings, and so much more.


You may wonder how the Russian arm got its name. Much like Kleenex for tissue and Xerox in the copy business, the Russian arm is a generic name for a type of camera crane. Anatoliy Kokush engineered his first camera crane, with inspiration from Russian tank turrets, which is where the camera arms got their name. Kokush fashioned a Russian arm gyro-stabilized camera to film such major Hollywood pictures as War of the Worlds, Casanova, and Titanic. You've also seen the Russian arm used in other films such as King Arthur, Transformers, and Iron Man 2, to name a few.


Are you excited about the option to use the Russian arm in Canada and find a Russian arm in Toronto close to home to amp up your film production? Well, you've come to the right place. At North Film Co. you can rent a Russian arm and all of the other equipment you need to produce a film that looks like a big Hollywood production. Only it's better because you get to use a Russian arm in Toronto where the industry is thriving.


You can work with one of the top video production companies in Toronto and use North Film Co. as your source for a Russian arm in Canada. We tailor our services to fit your needs with a wide range of support accessories, and crew as well. We can provide everything you need to produce your film from concept to completion.


Are you ready to use a Russian arm in Canada to complete your film fantasy? Then let's connect and make a movie.

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