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At North Film Co. we offer full or partial production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we individual roles as needed! 

Camera Equipment Rentals

North Film Co. is primarily a one stop shop for productions, but we also offer service providing of individual services and even equipment rentals to some extent. Below is a quick list of some of the camera equipment that can be rented:

All of the equipment above comes delivered in an North Film Co. truck with a driver/tech. Some items can be rented in a traditional fashion but generally speaking most require an NFC tech.

For a complete list of all the equipment available be sure to check out the "In House Equipment" page or go back to the Services page to see some of the other services.


  • 2x RED EPIC-W (8K)

  • 2x PL Mount

  • 7” RED Touch Screen

  • 2x Gold Mount power back-plate (Anton Bauer)

  • 2x DSMC 2 Low-light OLPF

  • 2x DSMC2 Skin Tone OLPF

  • 2x 512gb RED Mini Mags

  • 5x 480gb RED Mini Mags

  • 2x RED Mag card reader (USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt adapter or E-Sata)


  • 2x Three Stage 4x5.6 Matte Boxes (Bright Tangerine)

  • 2x Set of Matte’s, Top Brow and Ring adapters (110mm, 114mm, 104mm, 100mm, 95mm, 87mm, 80mm)

  • Fire Crest IRND Set (.3, .6, .9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8)

  • 1/8 BPM, 1⁄4 BPM, 2x 1/8 CSFX, 2 x 1⁄4 CSFX

  • Rota-Pola

  • Diopter frame with ½, +1, +2 filters


  • 2x Camera carts

  • 1x Video Village cart

  • 6x Small HD Cine 7 Monitors

  • 2x 703 small HD monitors (Configured for dual camera hand held directors monitor)

  • 17” CM170 Flanders Scientific Directors Monitor (Wireless capable = AB powered + Teradek)

  • 2x 24” Directors Monitor (Wireless capable = AB powered + Teradek)

  • 2x 17" Small HD 1703 Monitors 


  • 2x Vaxis Storm 3000 Transmitters

  • 6x Vaxis Storm 3000 Receivers 

  • Dual Motor Wireless FF = RT Motion 2km range, Run/Stop for RED or Arri Cameras

  • 9x Marking discs for FF (Arri Ultra Primes are pre-marked)

  • 4x Canon LP-6 Batteries



  • 16mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9

  • 24mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9

  • 32mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9

  • 50mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9

  • 85mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9

  • 135mm Arri Ultra Prime T1.9


  • 2X O’Connor 2560 Tripod Heads

  • 2x O’Connor 60L Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs

  • High-hat Mitchell Mount


  • 2x Block Batteries

  • 10 Hypercore 9 Mini Batteries + 2 x Charger

  • 3x Swit 190kw/hr Batteries + 1 four-bank Charger

  • 6x Switronix 90k/whr Batteries

  • 6x Anton Bauer Cine 150kw/hr Batteries + 1 four bank charger

  • 2x RED AC Power

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