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At North Film Co. we offer full production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we can provide individual roles as needed.


North Film Co. has worked on numerous award-winning commercial spots for a variety of clients, products

and businesses. Our ability to conceptualize a commercial for a wide range of markets by understanding each

businesses’ individual needs and to follow through till completion has made us a key player in the commercial

market! With access to our exclusive collection of equipment, North Film Co. is able to bring a significantly

higher level of quality to your companies commercial at an efficient price compared to the competition. 




























Previous Work

Full Production

Utilize ALL of what North Film Co. has to offer by making North Film Co. your one stop shop for the entire

project. By doing so you can benefit from our key strengths of in-house staff, owned equipment, efficiency

and no loop-holes between departments! This is by far the best option for cost savings and quality!

Service Providing

Already have something in motion and need a helping hand? We tailor our services based on your needs.

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