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North Film Co.

From concept to delivery North Film Co. is a

one stop shop with a vast collection of owned equipment paired with highly skilled in house staff.

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North Film Co - A one-stop production house

North Film Co. specializes in efficiently producing consistent, high quality video content for all forms of storytelling. Our main focus is developing original Feature Films, of which North Film Co. has completed well over 20 in the last 3 years alone! 

What sets North Film Co. apart from the competition is our level of efficiency. The ownership of all of our equipment paired with our full-time, in-house staff reduces a considerable amount of waste that goes into a project. When pre-production begins, we no longer have the need to hire someone to manage the various roles behind the scenes. There is also no need for equipment pick-ups, rentals, drop-offs, vehicle rentals, the list goes on! Our custom-built trucks are tailored to allow fast load ins / outs instead of rental trucks that aren’t designed for this business. All of our resources are customized to our specific needs, including our skilled in house staff that works with the same crew and equipment all year round.

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