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At North Film Co. we offer full production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we can provide individual roles as needed.


Steadicam is one of the more frequently used tools that North Film Co. utilizes on their projects.

Motion in general is something that brings fantastic production value to any production. 

Toronto Steadicam Operator - Russ De Jong

Steadicam is an operator online service available. Our CEO Russ De Jong has been an operator for

over 15 years and he as completed literally thousands of projects with demanding Steadicam requirements.

No matter complex one-take Steadicam shot for a feature film, or a commercial that is done completely

on Steadicam, North Film Co. and Russ De Jong have been a huge part of countless projects.


In addition to the Steadicam work for feature films and commercials, countless music videos and television

shows have also utilized the Steadicam service in Toronto, Canada, the United States and all over the world!

Check out our Steadicam Reel below  to see just some of the countless places that Steadicam has been utilized.




  • OMEGA REVOLUTION Head *High-mode to Low-mode during a shot (no-delay), Ability to fly sled side-ways and out / over objects. Can achieve shots not possible with a traditional Steadicam.

  • MKV, 2 Stage Sled capable of ultra high and ultra low shots *Camera weight determines limitations, lighter camera = more range.

  • Can carry up to 4 batteries

  • Walter Klassen Vest

  • Sled power for RED Epic / Dragon / Weapon, Arri Alexa / Mini / Amira / Alexa 65 / Alexa LF + More

  • Tiffen G70x Pro Arm


  • Rickshaw

  • 6x 180kwhr AB Core SWX batteries

  • 12x 90kwhr AB Core SWX batteries

  • 6x Cine 15kwhr AB Anton Bauer Batteries

  • 2x 4-bank AB Core SWX chargers

  • **Prefered cameras are RED Dragon, or Arri Mini… Lighter the camera the more range for high-mode, low-mode, or extending out / over objects.

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