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At North Film Co. we offer full production services for all kinds of projects. From start to finish we can take care of everything in-house or we can provide individual roles as needed.

CAmerA Equipment PAckAge

North Film Co. is primarily a one stop shop for productions, but we also offer service providing of individual services

and even equipment rentals to some extent. Below is a quick list of some of the camera equipment we own:


  • 2x ALEXA 35 Camera Production Set

  • 2x PL Mount

  • 2x Gold Mount power back-plate (Anton Bauer)

  • 2x DSMC 2 Low-light OLPF

  • 2x DSMC2 Skin Tone OLPF


  • 2x Three Stage 4x5.6 Matte Boxes (Bright Tangerine)

  • 2x Set of Matte’s, Top Brow and Ring adapters 

  • Fire Crest IRND Set (.3, .6, .9, 1.2, 1.5, 1.8)

  • 1/8 BPM, 1⁄4 BPM, 2x 1/8 CSFX, 2 x 1⁄4 CSFX

  • Rota-Pola

  • Diopter frame with ½, +1, +2 filters


  • 2x Camera carts

  • 1x Video Village cart

  • 6x Small HD Cine 7 Monitors

  • 2x 703 small HD monitors (Configured for dual camera hand held directors monitor)

  • 17” CM170 Flanders Scientific Directors Monitor (Wireless capable = AB powered + Teradek)

  • 2x 24” Directors Monitor (Wireless capable = AB powered + Teradek)

  • 2x 17" Small HD 1703 Monitors 


  • 2x Vaxis Storm 3000 Transmitters

  • 6x Vaxis Storm 3000 Receivers 

  • Dual Motor Wireless FF = RT Motion 2km range, Run/Stop for RED or Arri Cameras

  • 9x Marking discs for FF (Arri Ultra Primes are pre-marked)

  • 4x Canon LP-6 Batteries



  • 18mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  •  25mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 35mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 40mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 58mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  •  75mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 95mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 125mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4

  • 150mm Arri Signature Prime T1.4


  • 2X O’Connor 2560 Tripod Heads

  • 2x O’Connor 60L Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs

  • High-hat Mitchell Mount


  • 6x Block Batteries

  • 8x Block Battery 2F1-150 Lithium Ion

  • 8x Block Battery 2F1-98WH Lithium Ion 

  • 8x Sony NP-F970

  • 9x Sony NPFM500H

All of the equipment above comes delivered in an North Film Co. truck with a driver/tech. Some

items can be rented in a traditional fashion but generally speaking most require an NFC tech.

Full Camera Truck Inventory 

NFC Trucks_on The Road
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